Paris by night

Night photography has long been a fascination of mine that goes back to my student days, photographing rusting steelworks and dockyards. Even now, as a professional photographer I’m still drawn to this type of photography. Whether it’s a bedroom light, defused by a curtain in an apartment building or an over head street lamp. There is something about the way in which light, emerges from darkness that captivates me. Perhaps it’s more of a metaphoric relationship.

When it comes to this kind of a light source, the city of Paris has a particularly special quality due to it’s traditional and contemporary landscape. I recall a recent trip during the summer month of July. The late evening sunsets, which usually did not occur until 10pm, would create an exceptional display of warmth and colour in the air. This was even more pronounced in the southern cities of Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence, where the pink and orange dust particles in the sky seemed to reflect back to the earth. In Paris, rainy nights would not only add to the depth and richness of colour, but also cause the roads to reflect neon lights from surroundings hotels and cafes, creating a river of light.