Personal Portraits

I'm available to personal clients for privately commissioned portraits and portfolios both in-studio or out on location. Contact me by email so as I can put together the best custom fit options for you. 

From each session you will receive a set of hand retouched high resolution images supplied as digital Jpeg files which you can create multiple prints from.

Personal Portraits

Boudoir Photography

I very much see boudoir photography as a celebration of femininity. On a deeper level it's also about acceptance, and allowing that person the opportunity to connect with their essence. My role is to preserve that essence on film along with the shapes and form of the physical body so that the person I am photographing has something they can look back on for years to come.

I approach boudoir photography much the same way as I do when I'm shooting an editorial for a women's magazines. Often create a series of set ups in either a studio or on location like a boutique hotel. Occasionally there may be a narrative woven around the images. Other times they will be more about mood and ambience. 

With boudoir photography I will often use a very filmic style of shooting. Almost as if the images were stills taken out of a film. We as a viewer observe a woman getting dressed however she does not get dress for an audience or engage with the camera. I find this creates a certain aloofness which adds mystery and more for the senses and the imagination. 

Boudoir Photography Sydney 

Artistic Nude Photography

Artistic nude photography is very much an extension of the mood and sensual tones found in boudoir photography. There is something very special about seeing the human body represented as pure form and shape. It's for this reason that artistic nude photography very much fits into the category of fine art. It offers us the opportunity to feel comfortable in our own skin and a chance to let others see us in a whole new light.

Turn Around Time

Your proof images will be available to view in a convenient and private on-line gallery 3 business days from your photography session. Your hand retouched images will be ready within 3 business days of your order and can easily be downloaded from the internet.

Personal PortraitPersonal PortfolioCouple Portraits
Portrait session for one person. Single out fitDetailed portrait session for one person. 1-3 outfit changesSession for 2 people, includes 2 single portrait set ups and 3 couple portait set ups. 1-2 outfits
Studio or locationStudio or locationStudio or location
30 Proof images with basic editing @ 72 dpi90 Proof images with basic editing @ 72 dpi90 Proof images with basic editing @ 72 dpi
Set of 3 Hand Retouched Jpeg Files A4 300 dpiSet of 6 Hand Retouched Jpeg Files A4 300 dpiSet of 6 Hand Retouched Jpeg Files A4 300 dpi
Total Price: $450Total Price: $625Total Price: $775


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