Oscar Night, Hollywood

The goings-on behind the scenes at the Oscars can often be far more fascinating than the actual event itself. PR companies and designers jostle to get their dresses and jewellery onto the red carpet. Julie had been approached by Dior, and was to attend a fitting the week before. 

The night of the Oscars, we attended the Vanity Fair Party. A wall of photographers had taken up position on large teared platform at the entrance way to the venue. When you’re a photographer, there is something about being on the other side of the camera that never quite sits with you. Inside, seeing the familiar faces of the people you’ve watched for so long on a TV screen can be quite a surreal experience. Especially so when they’re all in the same room together. I spotted a face from back home, Naomi Watts, who I’d met earlier on a feature film. As the place began to fill, I took a seat at a booth. The woman next to me was singling along to a tune in the room. I tuned to her, realising I was a one person audience at a Diana Ross concert.